Sunday, October 1, 2023

Find the Time to Train

International Martial Arts Association
Struggling to make time for martial arts?

Wayne Muromoto Sensei had this to say:

A friend recently asked me to comment on how one finds the time to train. We live in a day and age, he noted, that puts a stress on how many waking hours we have to devote to training in budo. How did the great masters of the past manage to train so much? How can we devote all the time we really need when we have jobs, families, and other responsibilities? 

It’s not a minor question. Surveys show that we Americans, at least, are working more hours and getting paid overall less (figuring in inflation) than a decade or two ago, and stereotypes notwithstanding, we work more productive hours than almost any other country, including the vaunted Japanese worker. All that work and then having to deal with daily family life will, indeed, put a crimp on training time. Surely, if you’re an adult with a job and a family of any sorts, you can’t be going to the dojo five nights a week to train for five or six hours. It just ain’t gonna work.

Budo Starts at an International Martial Arts Association

SMAA can help you make time for budo! We are an international martial arts association. with five divisions of martial arts to pick from. To get started, call (734) 720-0330 or submit a contact form here.

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