Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Understanding Your Personal Form in Martial Arts

 Do you want to strengthen the connection between your body and mind? 

To do so, you must understand your form before increasing your strength.

Understanding Your Form

To understand the body geometrically, you should first be aware of the physical center point where the body's mass and balance naturally settle. First, envision a sphere whose radius originates at the body's origin. If circumstances demand occupation outside this sphere, then the origin of the sphere must be repositioned to accommodate. Now, the line representing the body can bow or hinge on shaping new tools within the sphere. 

To maintain structural integrity and unification, there are two requirements that must be maintained. The first is that one's shape must either move from its origin or around its origin. The second is that every point on the line that represents the body must be contiguously connected to the origin. 

If either of these requirements falters, then the form suffers disorganization, and the effectiveness of the body as a tool diminishes. 

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Forms in Martial Arts

 Martial arts are a collection of postural forms designed to express physical energy in an intelligent way. 

Understanding how martial arts is a tool for your body will expand your comfort in expression.

The Forms in Martial Arts

The martial forms are shapes that can be regarded as tools. The ability to shape your body into the appropriate tool at the appropriate time is the physical objective of martial arts. In order to accomplish this, it is important to possess both a geometrical understanding of the body and a spatial understanding of the body's potential area. 

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