Friday, April 15, 2022

Why to Avoid Surprise

Do you want to become a relentless martial artist?

You’ll need an unrelenting mind to avoid the four sicknesses martial artists encounter: fear, captivation, doubt, and surprise.

Budoka should never be surprised. A mind that is surprised is a mind that is not prepared. In exploring the samurai ethos, it is a well-known fact that the warrior needs to be prepared to face each and every situation. 

The surprised mind leads to doubt and fear. Thus, we see that all four sicknesses are interrelated and one leads to the other—a situation to be avoided at all costs. 

A concept that is closely related to surprise is zanshin (literally “remaining mind”). The warrior always needs to be aware: aware of his or her surroundings, potential threats, undercurrents, and evolving situations. The warrior that understands zanshin, which suggests a continuing vigilance, will never be surprised. To understand zanshin, the mind must live in the now and never wander to the past or the future. This can only be achieved through strict discipline and training. 

Learn how fudoshin can make your mind immovable.

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