Friday, April 1, 2022

Fudoshin Can Rid You of Fear and Doubt

How can fudoshin -an immovable mind- help martial artists?

The mind can easily fall victim to one of the four sicknesses of the warrior. The sicknesses of the mind are fear, doubt, captivation, and surprise.


When your mind is taken by fear, it displaces everything else in your mind and spirit. It distorts your thoughts or expectations and ultimately hampers realizing your true intent. It should be clear that a fearful mind is an ineffective mind. Applying discipline to the mind and always staying in the moment, not letting the mind wander to the past or anticipate the future eliminates fear. Fear is generated through the wandering mind. 


When the mind is presented with too many options and is uncertain on which path to pick, the mind staggers and remains in the moment too long, thus creating openings in our “armor.” An indecisive mind is held prisoner by indecision, resulting in no choice being made. Making no choice can be worse than making the wrong choice. To make a choice, and then stick to it, eliminates doubt. 

This is decisiveness, 100 percent commitment to a path with full dedication. When doubt is present in our mind, there can be no decisiveness. Practice making decisive choices and following through on them. 

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