Saturday, January 1, 2022

What Does it Mean to “Master” a Technique?

Are you a martial artist?

Wondering if you can truly master a technique?

Two martial artists sparring | Martial Arts Industry Association

In the traditional martial arts, we don't really believe in the idea that a person can truly “master” a technique or an art. Instead, we believe that becoming great at martial arts is a lifetime's commitment, and that we must constantly revisit the techniques we know to try to deepen our understanding of them. What we mean when we say that the second aspect of physical training is “mastering techniques” is that we constantly practice what we know, always trying to be better. We analyze each part of a technique, figure out what could be done better, practice that part, then put the whole thing back together and try to make it more efficient, more effective, or more beautiful. If we keep at it long enough with an enthusiastic spirit, we can eventually become quite good at our chosen art. 

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You’ll find there are multiple martial arts industry associations, but how many are truly worldwide? The Shudokan Martial Arts Association is an international martial arts association that has members in many different countries and close connections to Japan.

The SMAA is a small, fraternal organization with a decidedly noncommercial outlook on modern budo and koryu bujutsu. That’s why our two membership options are only $25 and $30 a year. When you become an associate member ($25), you’ll receive an associate member certificate, our quarterly journal, e-mail newsletters, and discounts at SMAA events. Full members ($30) receive all this and the ability to rank and receiving teaching titles.

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