Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Teaching Martial Arts with Positivity

Are you a martial arts instructor?

Want to create a comfortable environment for your students?

Incorporate positivity into your dojo! Positivity can be one of the greatest encouragement tools in teaching.

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Studies of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) have shown that the subconscious mind absorbs information however it is presented. Thus, if a teacher says "don't do it this way," the student may remember the error better than the correct method. However, if a teacher says "do it this way," and demonstrates the correct method, chances are good that the student will remember the proper way to do the technique, whether the technique is found in jujutsu (jujitsu), judo, or iaido. 

This doesn't mean that a teacher should never point out student errors. It does suggest, however, that advice should be presented in positive terms whenever possible. This approach will help to maximize the student's exposure to correct examples, and make the whole experience of learning martial arts more enjoyable.

Learn more ways to make your dojo a positive place!

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