Friday, June 18, 2021

Ease Tournament Anxiety with Positivity

 Do you get nervous before tournaments?

Want to overcome those nerves?

Prepare with positivity! Positive thinking can increase your confidence and improve your performance.

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Adrenaline is one of the biggest obstacles to success in demonstrations, tournaments, or tests. Overcome by nerves, many of us begin to focus more on what not to do than on what we should do. Once the mind starts repeating "don't screw up, don't screw up," the most prominent mental image we end up with is one of screwing up. 

A better approach is to mentally rehearse the performance, visualizing ourselves executing each technique correctly, and imagining the satisfied feeling we will have once the routine is completed. Having mentally rehearsed our performance successfully many times before actually stepping onto the mat, we are much more likely to do well.

Another tip is to watch others. "Kengaku" means "visual study" in Japanese. It has two aspects: (1) to spot mistakes made by others in order to avoid them; and (2) to spot the areas where others excel, and to try to emulate them. The second aspect has unlimited potential to make us better!

See other ways positivity can help you in martial arts!

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