Saturday, July 1, 2023

Focus on the Goal

Martial Arts Certification
Are you looking for ways to improve yourself through martial arts?

How focused are you on your goals?

Focusing on the goal means knowing what you want, carefully considering how to get there, consistently evaluating your progress, turning away from dead ends, and choosing the best or most efficient means of moving forward.

When choosing a technique, we must carefully consider whether practicing it will be an effective use of our time. After careful reflection, if we find it useless, we discard it. If it can be improved, we modify it accordingly. When we experience a mood or feeling during practice, we consider whether it is helpful to our tactical state of mind. If not, we find a way to cultivate a more beneficial mood. Great progress is most often made by those who are obsessive about their pursuits, who constantly focus on a specific goal. This is true in martial arts, in creative endeavors, or in business. When a person is easily sidetracked or tends to change his mind frequently about his goals, he tends not to accomplish much.

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Train for a Martial Arts Certification at SMAA

The very act of striving for mastery is one of the cornerstones of our progress toward perfection of character. As we practice our skills over and over, each time refining them, we begin to get at the essence of martial arts. 

SMAA can help you master the self and earn martial arts certification in legitimate heritage Japanese martial arts. Learn more about joining SMAA by calling (734) 720-0330 or by submitting a contact form here.

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