Friday, July 15, 2022

Every Action Becomes a Habit

National Karate Association

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Whether you practice your kata correctly or just go through the motions, you will have spent the same amount of time in the dojo. In the first case, you will have moved one step closer to mastery of the kata, but in the second case, even though you have gotten a little exercise, you will have moved your training backwards. This is because, in the dojo, every action becomes a habit. 
Building on a good habit is much easier than overcoming a bad one. It is said that if you practice a skill incorrectly one thousand times, you will need two thousand correct repetitions to learn it properly. This may be a slight exaggeration, but experience shows that most students who do not learn to monitor themselves and focus on practicing correct technique never get very good. If your training is worth doing, then it is worth doing right, and you will get much more satisfaction if you can see progress because of your hard work. The sooner you decide to make every training session better than the one before it, the sooner you will begin to make real progress. 
Your National Karate Association
Are you having trouble integrating your love for budo into your schedule? Join a community of international martial artists who feel the same as you. SMAA offers separate divisions for karate, aikido, judo, traditional jujutsu, and iaido. As an associate member, you’ll receive a quarterly journal full of martial arts news and articles that may satisfy your budo desires.
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