Thursday, July 15, 2021

How to Find Time for Budo

Do you feel like you’re working all the time?

Are you making room in your schedule for martial arts?

Many martial artists struggle to find time to train. However, it’s important to keep your family and work duties in line first.

international martial arts association

No income, no budo

Without a stable job and income, you really will have a hard time paying to train. You need to pay dues, room rent, buy new training gear when the old ones wear out, be able to pay for travel expenses to attend seminars and workshops, and pay for medical bills if you fall the wrong way or get hit in the head by a wayward stick. So you have to do your best at your job and secure a decent wage for a decent days’ work.

If you have enough extra time between your family and job responsibilities, you can enjoy budo as a pastime. With a supportive family and good job, doing budo is a plus, a way to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy, a way to engage in an activity that you enjoy with others who enjoy it with you, a way to develop bonds and friendships outside of family and work.

Read more about budo and family responsibilities.

Join an international martial arts association

Are you having trouble integrating your love for budo into your schedule?

Join a community of international martial artists who feel the same as you. SMAA offers separate divisions for karate, aikido, judo, traditional jujutsu, and iaido. As an associate member, you’ll receive a quarterly journal full of martial arts news and articles that may satisfy your budo desires.

Apply today! Call us today at 734-720-0330 or contact us to learn more about our international martial arts association.

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